FRSM 100-01: Ink Caricature We Spoof (Freshmen Seminar: Shales)

FRSM 100-01: Ink Caricature We Spoof
Shales, Ezra
Freshmen Seminar


On reserve at a library:
  1. American Presidency in political cartoons, 1776-1976 / Thomas C. Blaisdell, Jr., Peter Selz, and Seminar.
  2. Apes and angels ; the Irishman in Victorian caricature / [by] L. Perry Curtis, Jr.
  3. Art and race matters : the career of Robert Colescott / Raphaela Platow and Lowery Stokes Sims, editors.
  4. Art of caricature / Edward Lucie-Smith.
  5. Blacker the ink : constructions of black identity in comics and sequential art / edited by Frances Gateward and John Jennings.
  6. Celebrity caricature in America / Wendy Wick Reaves ; Pie Friendly, research assistant.
  7. Complete book of caricature / by Bob Staake.
  8. Daumier : visions of Paris / [Beatrice Gullström ... [et al.]].
  9. Daumier, 1808-1879 / [commissariat, Henri Loyrette and others].
  10. Dirty plotte : the complete Julie Doucet / Julie Doucet.
  11. Elle-humour / by Julie Doucet.
  12. Femmes d'esprit : women in Daumier's caricature / [edited by] Kirsten Powell and Elizabeth C. Childs ; with contributions by Janis Bergman-Carton, Lucette Czyba, and Judith Wechsler.
  13. Franz Xaver Messerschmidt / edited by Maria Pötzl-Malikova ; with contributions by Antonia Boström ... [et al.].
  14. George Grosz / Hans Hess.
  15. Going there : black visual satire / Richard J. Powell.
  16. Goya : order and disorder / Stephanie Loeb Stepanek, Frederick Ilchman, curators and Janis A. Tomlinson; with contributions by Clifford S. Ackley, Jane E. Braun, Manuela B. Mena Marqués, Gudrun Maurer, Elisabetta Polidori, Sue Welsh Reed, Benjamin Weiss
  17. Herblock : a cartoonist's life / Herbert Block.
  18. History of caricature / by Bohun Lynch.
  19. Hogarth / Mark Hallett, Christine Riding ; with an essay by Frédéric Ogeé and Olivier Meslay ; and additional catalogue contributions by Tim Batchelor.
  20. Hogarth / Mark Hallett.
  21. Indignant eye : the artist as social critic in prints and drawings from the fifteenth century to Picasso / by Ralph E. Shikes.
  22. Infinite jest : caricature and satire from Leonardo to Levine / Constance C. McPhee, Nadine M. Orenstein.
  23. Infinite jest : wit and humor in Italian Renaissance art / Paul Barolsky.
  24. Lincoln in caricature : a historical collection, with descriptive and biographical commentaries / by Rufus Rockwell Wilson. Introd. by R. Gerald McMurtry.
  25. Lyonel Feininger : caricature & fantasy.
  26. Mankind may never make it! / by Robert Osborn.
  27. Messerschmidt and modernity / Antonia Boström.
  28. Mightier than the sword ; cartoon, caricature, social comment / [by] W. G. Rogers.
  29. My New York diary / by Julie Doucet.
  30. Nasty piece of work / Roger Law with Lewis Chester and Alex Evans.
  31. Nixon watch / John Osborne; illustrated by Robert Osborn; introduction by Tom Wicker.
  32. Pear : French graphic arts in the golden age of caricature / Elise K. Kenney, John M. Merriman.
  33. Pixar at the Museum of Modern Art.
  34. Raymond Pettibon : a pen of all work / edited by Massimiliano Gioni, Gary Carrion-Murayari.
  35. Raymond Pettibon : Here's your irony back : political works 1975-2013 / Benjamin H.D. Buchloh ; editor: Julia Joern.
  36. Raymond Pettibon : to wit / editor, Julia Joern.
  37. Saul Steinberg / [commentary] by Harold Rosenberg.
  38. Saul Steinberg : the Americans / herausgegeben von Andreas Prinzing ; [Übersetzung: Stefan Ripplinger, Malcolm Green].
  39. Sweet little cunt : the graphic works of Julie Doucet / by Anne Elizabeth Moore.
  40. Them damned pictures : explorations in American political cartoon art / Roger A. Fischer.
  41. White and black : political cartoons from Palestine / Mohammad Sabaaneh ; foreword by Seth Tobocman.
Available online:
  1. (Halloran) Thomas Nast: : the father of modern political cartoons
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