LASS 308: Narcissism, Aggression (Liberal Arts: Kaza)

LASS 308: Narcissism, Aggression
Kaza, Gunta
Liberal Arts


On reserve at a library:
  1. Civilization and its discontents / Sigmund Freud ; introduction by Christopher Hitchens ; translated and edited by James Strachey ; biographical afterword by Peter Gay.
  2. Feed / M.T. Anderson.
  3. Mapping the intelligence of artistic work : an explorative guide to making, thinking and writing / Anne West.
  4. Stories we live by : personal myths and the making of the self / Dan P. McAdams.
  5. Storm of creativity / Kyna Leski ; foreword by John Maeda.
Available online:
  1. (Anderson) FEED
    Link to PDF of book
  2. (Freud) Civilization and its discontents
    Link to ebook
  3. (Hitchens) "Introduction" from Civilization and its discontents
    Link to PDF
  4. (Leski) "Chapters 1-3" from The storm of creativity
    Link to PDF
  5. (McAdams) "Chapter 1: The meaning of stories" from The stories we live by
    Link to PDF