Goodman and Fuller's pathology : implications for the physical therapist /

Goodman and Fuller's pathology : implications for the physical therapist /
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Introduction to concepts of pathology -- Epigenetics: Behavioral, social, and environmental factors -- Psysiologic self-regulation: The intersection with mental, social, and emotional well-being -- Environmental and occupational medicine -- Problems affecting multiple systems -- Injury, inflammation, healing, and repair -- The immune system -- Infectious disease -- Oncology -- The integumenantary system -- The endocrine and metabolic systems -- The cardiovascular system -- The lymphatic system -- The hematologic system -- The respiratory system -- The gastroinintestinal system -- The hepatic, pancreatic, and biliary systems -- The renal and urologic systems -- The male genital/reproductive system -- The female genital/reproductive system -- Transplantation -- Introduction to pathology of the musculoskeletal system -- Genetic and developmental disorders -- Metabolic disorders -- Infectious diseases of the musculosketletal system -- Musculoskeletal neoplasms -- Soft tissue, joint, and bone disorders -- Introduction to central nervous system disorders -- Infectious disorders of the central nervous system -- Central nervous system neoplasms -- Degenerative diseases of the central nervous system -- Stroke -- Traumatic brain injury -- Traumatic spinal cord injury -- Cerebral palsy and pedatric stroke -- Seizures and epilepsy -- Headache -- Vestibular disorders -- The peripheral nervous system -- Laboratory tests and values.

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