HART 346-01: Australian Art (Art History: Givans)

HART 346-01: Australian Art
Givans, Duncan
Art History


On reserve at a library:
  1. Aboriginal art / Howard Morphy.
  2. Art in Australia : from colonization to postmodernism / Christopher Allen.
  3. Australian art / Andrew Sayers.
  4. Australian art : a history / Sasha Grishin.
  5. Australian impressionism / Terence Lane.
  6. Australian painting, 1788-1990 / Bernard Smith with the three additional chapters on Australian painting since 1970 by Terry Smith.
  7. Brought to light : Australian art, 1850-1965 : from the Queensland Art Gallery collection / editors, Lynne Seear & Julie Ewington.
  8. Dreamings, the art of aboriginal Australia / Peter Sutton [and others] ; editor, Peter Sutton.
  9. European vision and the South Pacific / Bernard Smith.
  10. Federation : Australian art and society, 1901-2001 / John McDonald, exhibition curator.
  11. Golden summers : Heidelberg and beyond : [exhibition] / Jane Clark and Bridget Whitelaw ; organized by the National Gallery of Victoria ; managed by the International Cultural Corporation of Australia Limited ...
  12. Images in opposition : Australian landscape painting, 1801-1890 / Tim Bonyhady.
  13. John Brack / Kirsty Grant ... [et al.].
  14. Lurid beauty : Australian surrealism and its echoes / Simon Maidment and Elena Taylor, editors.
  15. New worlds from old : 19th century Australian and American landscapes / Elizabeth Johns, Elizabeth Mankin Kornhauser, Andrew Sayers with Amy Ellis.
  16. Oxford companion to Aboriginal art and culture / general editors, Sylvia Kleinert and Margo Neale ; cultural editor, Robyne Bancroft ; editorial and research assistants, Tsari Anderson [and others].
  17. Papunya Tula : art of the Western Desert / Geoffrey Bardon ; with diagrams by Judith Ryan.
  18. Photography and Australia / Helen Ennis.
  19. Redback Graphix / Anna Zagala.
  20. Shades of light : photography and Australia, 1839-1988 / Gael Newton ; with essays by Helen Ennis and Chris Long and assistance from Isobel Crombie and Kate Davidson.
  21. Strange country : why Australian painting matters / Patrick McCaughey.
Available online:
  1. (Andrews) "Ch. 1:Impressiveness and associations and Ch. 6 : An Australian gothic" from Australian Gothic
    Link to PDF
  2. (Bonyhady) "The artist in society" from Images in opposition
    Link to PDF
  3. (Burn) "Beating about the bush: the landscapes of the Heidelberg School" from Australian Art and Architecture essays presented to Bernard Smith
    Link to PDF
  4. (Caruana) "Introduction and essays" from The old masters
    Link to PDF
  5. (Clark) "Assorted readings from Golden Summers"
    Link to PDF
  6. (Davila) "Excerpts from What is appropriation?"
    Link to PDF
  7. (Ellem) "Utzon's Sydney opera house" from Australian Art and architecture essays presented to Bernard Smith
    Link to PDF
  8. (Ennis) "Chapters 2, 4+5" from Photography and Australia
    Link to PDF
  9. (Flood) "Ch. 1: In the beginning and Epilogue" from Rock art from dreamtime
    Link to PDF
  10. (Grant) "Human nature: the art of John Brack, Observations on the observer and the observed" from John Brack
    Link to PDF
  11. (Harris) "Introduction, Realist art in wartime Australia, and Silence into Image" from Angry Penguins
    Link to PDF
  12. (Jackson) "Current surges in Australian architecture" from Australian Architecture Now
    Link to PDF
  13. (Mawurndjul) "Excerpts from I am the old and the new"
    Link to PDF
  14. (Merewether) "Excerpts from Art & Social Commitments" from Art & social commitments
    Link to PDF
  15. (Morphy) "Ch. 1: Cross-cultural categories and the inclusion of Aboriginal art" from Becoming art
    Link to PDF
  16. (Morwood) "Chapter 10: Southeast Cape York Peninsula" from Visions from the past
    Link to PDF
  17. (Morwood) "Chapter 4: How we study Australian Aboriginal rock art" from Visions from the past
    Link to PDF
  18. (Newton) "Ch. 4: Private albums and public views and Ch. 6: Expeditions, excursions and expositions" from Shades of light
    Link to PDF
  19. (Newton) "Ch. 7: Personal and Pictorial and Ch. 10: Icelands to wastelands" from Shades of light
    Link to PDF
  20. (Sayers) "Art and decorative art 1890-1920 and Order and transcendence: art between the wars 1919-39" from Australian Art
    Link to PDF
  21. (Smith) "Ch. 3: Albert Namatjira and Margaret Preston: changing an unequal exchange" from Transformations in Australian Art v.2
    Link to PDF
  22. (Smith) "Ch. 8: Rebirth" from Australian Painting 1788-1990
    Link to PDF
  23. (Smith) "Ch. 9: Colonial interpretations of the Australian landscape 1821-35" from European vision and the South Pacific
    Link to PDF
  24. (Smith) "The divided meaning of Shearing the Rams: Artists and nationalism, 1888-1891" from Australian Art and architecture essays presented to Bernard Smith
    Link to PDF
  25. (Sutton) "Dreamings I" from Dreamings: The art of aboriginal Australia
    Link to PDF