Mhst258 A History of Improvisation-Western Music (History: Janmohammadi)

Mhst258 A History of Improvisation-Western Music
New England Conservatory
Janmohammadi, Nima


On reserve at a library:
  1. After the golden age : romantic pianism and modern performance / Kenneth Hamilton.
  2. Fantasies of improvisation : free playing in nineteenth-century music / Dana Gooley.
  3. Improvisation : its nature and practice in music / Derek Bailey.
  4. Improvisation and inventio in the performance of medieval music : a practical approach / Angela Mariani.
  5. Improvisation in nine centuries of western music ; an anthology with a historical introduction.
  6. Improvisation of musical dialogue : a phenomenology of music / Bruce Ellis Benson.
  7. Improvising improvisation : from out of philosophy, music, dance, and literature / Gary Peters.
  8. In the blink of an ear : towards a non-cochlear sonic art / by Seth Kim-Cohen.
  9. In the course of performance : studies in the world of musical improvisation / edited by Bruno Nettl with Melinda Russell.
  10. Into the maelstrom : music, improvisation and the dream of freedom / David Toop.
  11. Musical improvisation : art, education, and society / edited by Gabriel Solis and Bruno Nettl.
  12. Negotiated moments : improvisation, sound, and subjectivity / Gillian Siddall and Ellen Waterman, editors.
  13. New music and the claims of modernity / Alastair Williams.
  14. New music and the crises of materiality : sounding bodies and objects in late modernity / Samuel J. Wilson.
  15. Open work / Umberto Eco ; translated by Anna Cancogni ; with an introduction by David Robey.
  16. Ornamentation and improvisation in Mozart / Frederick Neumann.
  17. Ornamentation in baroque and post-baroque music : with special emphasis on J. S. Bach / Frederick Neumann.
  18. Performance practices of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries / Frederick Neumann ; prepared with the assistance of Jane Stevens.
  19. Perpetual frontier : the properties of free music / Joe Morris.
  20. Philosophy of improvisation / Gary Peters.
  21. Studies in historical improvisation from Cantare super librum to partimenti / edited by Massimiliano Guido.
  22. With voice and pen : coming to know medieval song and how it was made / Leo Treitler.