HART 307-01: The Banjo/Material Culture (Art History: Shales)

HART 307-01: The Banjo/Material Culture
Shales, Ezra
Art History


On reserve at a library:
  1. African banjo echoes in Appalachia : a study of folk traditions / Cecelia Conway.
  2. America's instrument : the banjo in the nineteenth century / Philip F. Gura & James F. Bollman.
  3. Banjo : America's African instrument / Laurent Dubois.
  4. Birth of the banjo : Joel Walker Sweeney and early minstrelsy / Bob Carlin.
  5. Birth of the banjo : Katonah Museum of Art, November 9, 2003-February 1, 2004 / guest curators, Robert Shaw, Peter Szego, George Wunderlich.
  6. Creolization of American culture : William Sidney Mount and the roots of blackface minstrelsy / Christopher J. Smith.
  7. Dan Emmett and the rise of early Negro minstrelsy.
  8. Doo-dah! : Stephen Foster and the rise of American popular culture / Ken Emerson.
  9. Dressed for the photographer : ordinary Americans and fashion, 1840-1900 / Joan L. Severa.
  10. Hammer in their hands : a documentary history of technology and the African-American experience / edited by Carroll Pursell.
  11. Hidden in the mix : the African American presence in country music / Diane Pecknold, ed.
  12. King of ragtime : Scott Joplin and his era / Edward A. Berlin.
  13. Love and theft : blackface minstrelsy and the American working class / Eric Lott.
  14. My likeness taken : daguerreian portraits in America / Joan L. Severa.
  15. Picturing the banjo / Leo G. Mazow ; with contributions by Sarah Burns...[et al.].
  16. Sinful tunes and spirituals : Black folk music to the Civil War / Dena J. Epstein.
  17. Technology and the African-American experience : needs and opportunities for study / edited by Bruce Sinclair.