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On reserve at a library:
  1. 4th essential Sister Mary Linscott, SND
  2. American ordeal : the antiwar movement of the Vietnam era / Charles DeBenedetti ; Charles Chatfield, assisting author.
  3. Aquinas and King : a discourse on civil disobedience / Charles P. Nemeth.
  4. Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. / edited by Clayborne Carson.
  5. Black prophetic fire : in dialogue with and edited by Christa Buschendorf / Cornel West.
  6. Blessed are the peacemakers : Martin Luther King Jr., eight white religious leaders, and the "Letter from Birmingham Jail" / S. Jonathan Bass.
  7. Call to conscience : the landmark speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. / edited by Clayborne Carson and Kris Shepard.
  8. Called to serve [electronic resource] : a history of nuns in America / Margaret M. McGuinness.
  9. Catholic schools and the common good / Anthony S. Bryk, Valerie E. Lee, Peter B. Holland.
  10. Catholic women's colleges in America / edited by Tracy Schier and Cynthia Russett.
  11. Charred wood ; the story of Blessed Julie Billiart, foundress of the Congregation of Sisters of Notre Dame of Namur Illustrated by a Sister of Notre Dame.
  12. Chronicles of a two-front war : civil rights and Vietnam in the African American press / Lawrence Allen Eldridge.
  13. Dream : Martin Luther King, Jr., and the speech that inspired a nation / Drew D. Hansen.
  14. Françoise Blin de Bourdon, woman of influence : the story of the cofoundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame / Jo Ann M. Recker.
  15. From civil rights to human rights : Martin Luther King, Jr., and the struggle for economic justice / Thomas F. Jackson.
  16. Herding cats : multiparty mediation in a complex world / Chester A. Crocker, Fen Osler Hampson, Pamela Aall, editors.
  17. History of Emmanuel College 1919-1974 / by Mary Friel
  18. Humanitarian diplomacy : practitioners and their craft / edited by Larry Minear and Hazel Smith.
  19. I have a dream : writings and speeches that changed the world / Martin Luther King, Jr. ; foreword by Coretta Scott King ; edited by James Melvin Washington.
  20. In His service : The Roman mission of Notre Dame, 1931-1946 / by Sister Thèrése Marguerite Murdock, S.N.D.
  21. In the light of the Trinity; the spirituality of Blessed Julie Billiart, foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur / With foreword by His Eminence Richard Cardinal Cushing. Translated by Sister Helen Madeleine.
  22. Julie Billiart, woman of courage : the story of the foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame / Roseanne Murphy.
  23. Lasting impression : a collection of photographs of Martin Luther King, Jr. / by John Tweedle ; compiled and edited by Hermene D. Hartman ; with a foreword by Jesse L. Jackson.
  24. Let the trumpet sound : a life of Martin Luther King, Jr. / Stephen B. Oates.
  25. Letters of Saint Julie Biliart : foundress of the sisters of Notre Dame de Namur / translated and edited by Sister Franacis Rosner, and Sister Lucy Tinsley.
  26. Life of the venerable servant of God Julie Billiart : foundress and first superior general of the Institute of Sisters of Notre-Dame / by a member of the same congregation ; edited by Father Clare.
  27. Look at me and follow me St. Julie and the spiritual journey of the apostles Sister Mary Linscott, SND
  28. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the sermonic power of public discourse / edited by Carolyn Calloway-Thomas and John Louis Lucaites.
  29. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and the civil rights struggle of the 1950s and 1960s : a brief history with documents / David Howard-Pitney.
  30. Martin Luther King, the inconvenient hero / Vincent Harding.
  31. Memoirs of Mother Frances Blin de Bourdon, S.N.D. / [translated by Sister Mary Godfrey ... et al.].
  32. My life with Martin Luther King, Jr.
  33. One hundred years of Catholic education : historical essays in honor of the centennial of the National Catholic Educational Association / edited by John Augenstein, Christopher J. Kauffman, Robert J. Wister.
  34. Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr. / senior editor, Clayborne Carson ; volume editors, Ralph E. Luker, Penny A. Russell ; advisory editor, Louis R. Harlan.
  35. Peace and freedom : the civil rights and antiwar movements of the 1960s / Simon Hall.
  36. Peace psychology : a comprehensive introduction / Herbert H. Blumberg, A. Paul Hare, Anna Costin.
  37. Prayer, protest, power : the spirituality of Julie Billiart today / Myra Poole.
  38. Radical King / Martin Luther King, Jr. ; edited and introduced by Cornel West.
  39. Selected letters of Mother Saint Joseph Blin de Bourdon, S.N.D. / Mary Frances McCarthy, translator and editor.
  40. Sisters : Catholic nuns and the making of America / John J. Fialka.
  41. Sisters in arms : Catholic nuns through two millennia / Jo Ann Kay McNamara.
  42. Spirited lives : how nuns shaped Catholic culture and American life, 1836-1920 / Carol K. Coburn and Martha Smith.
  43. St. Julie and the joy of hope
  44. Stride toward freedom : the Montgomery story / by Martin Luther King, Jr.
  45. Summits : six meetings that shaped the twentieth century / David Reynolds.
  46. Testament of hope : the essential writings and speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr. / edited by James Melvin Washington.
  47. Their quiet tread; growth and spirit of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame through its first one hundred years, 1850-1950.
  48. To the mountaintop : Martin Luther King Jr.'s sacred mission to save America: 1955-1968 / Stewart Burns.
  49. Transformation of foreign policy : drawing and managing boundaries from antiquity to the present / edited by Gunther Hellmann, Andreas Fahrmeir, and Miloš Vec.
  50. Treasure in a field, the life of Venerable Mother St. Joseph...
  51. Understanding the global community / edited by Zach P. Messitte and Suzette R. Grillot.
  52. Where do we go from here : chaos or community? / Martin Luther King, Jr.