Principles of health care ethics /

Principles of health care ethics /
Chichester, West Sussex, England ; Hoboken, NJ : 2007.
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The 'four principles' approach to health care ethics -- Theories of autonomy -- Beneficence -- Responsibilities for poverty-related ill health -- Liberalism and communitarianism -- How many principles for bioethics? -- Casuistical reasoning in medical ethics -- Utilitarianism and bioethics -- Deontology -- Kantian ethics -- Feminist approaches to health care ethics -- Virtue theory -- Moral relativism -- Christian approaches to bioethics -- Judaism and medicine: Jewish medical ethics -- The search for Islamic bioethics principles -- Buddhist bioethics -- South Asian approaches to health care ethics -- The specious idea of an Asian bioethics: beyond dichotomizing east and west -- Narrative ethics -- Empirical appoaches to health care ethics -- Medical sociology and the redundancy of empirical ethics -- The use of thought experiments in health care ethics -- Deliberative bioethics -- Law, ethics and health care -- Medical humanities: an overview -- Reflective equilibrium as a method in health care ethics -- Hermeneutic ethics between practice and theory -- Paternalism in health care and health policy -- Need: an instrumental view -- Rights -- Exploitation in health care -- Competence to consent -- The doctrine of double effect -- Ordinary and extraordinary means -- Acts and omissions -- Personhood and moral status -- Commodification -- Consent and informed consent -- Treatment decisions for incapacitated patients -- Children's consent to medical treatment -- Patients and disclosure of surgical risk -- Confidentiality -- Truth telling, lying and the doctor-patient relationship -- Personal beliefs and patient care -- Conscience and health care ethics -- Care in families -- The ethics of primary health care -- The nurse-patient relationship: a 'principles plus care' account -- Dual responsibilities: do they raise any different ethical issues from 'normal' therapeutic relationships? -- Violent and abusive patients: an ethically informed response -- The moral significance of the human foetus -- Will we need abortion in Utopia? -- Maternal-foetal conflict -- Limits to reproductive liberty.

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