Creative character design /

Creative character design /
Tillman, Bryan.
Burlington, MA : ©2015.
What makes for good character design? -- Why archetypes are important : What are archetypes? ; Why are they important? ; Which archetypes are used the most? -- The most important part of character design : Why is story important for character design? ; How can the story affect the design? ; Does the design service the story? -- Can you still be original anymore? : Is it possible to be original? ; What is the difference between original and originality? ; How important is it to have originality? -- Shapes and silhouettes : What are the shapes telling us? ; What is "form follows function?" ; What makes a good silhouette? -- Reference, reference, and reference, Oh my! : Why are references important? ; How can you use references and not feel like you are copying? -- Aesthetics, just what you've been waiting for : Getting to know your audience ; Why is color important? ; What does "the devil is in the details" mean? -- The WOW factor : What is the WOW factor? ; Why is it important? ; How will it affect my character design? -- Putting it all together : What tools and techniques are helpful in character design? ; What is a model sheet? ; How do other artists do it? -- Gallery -- Character design template.

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