Occupational therapy : performance, participation, and well-being /

Occupational therapy : performance, participation, and well-being /
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Section I: Occupational therapy: promoting occupational performance, participation, and well-being and placing the focus on everyday life. A welcome to occupational therapy: performance, participation, and well-being, fourth edition / Julie D. Bass, Carolyn M. Baum, and Charles H. Christiansen -- Health, occupational performance, and occupational therapy / Charles H. Christiansen, Carolyn M. Baum, and Julie D. Bass -- Theory, models, frameworks, and classifications / Carolyn M. Baum, Julie D. Bass, and Charles H. Christiansen -- The person-environment-occupation-performance (PEOP) model / Carolyn M. Baum, Julie D. Bass, and Charles H. Christiansen -- Interventions and outcomes: the person-environment-occupation-performance (PEOP) occupational therapy process / Julie D. Bass, Carolyn M. Baum, and Charles H. Christiansen -- Therapeutic use of self: a catalyst in the client-therapist alliance for change / Helene J. Polatajko, Jane A. Davis, and Sara E. McEwen -- Using evidence to guide practice / Sally Bennett -- Section II: Critical elements of occupation and occupational performance. The complexity and patterns of human occupations / Lena-Karin Erlandsson and Charles H. Christiansen -- Occupations of childhood and adolescence / Sylvia Rodger, Jenny Ziviani, and Sok Mui Lim -- Occupations of adulthood / Kathleen Matuska and Kate Barrett -- Occupations of elderhood / Gunilla Eriksson, Margareta Lilja, Hans Jonsson, Ingela Petersson, and Verena C. Tatzer -- Occupations of organizations / Carol Haertlein Sells -- Occupations of populations / Julie D. Bass -- Section III: Person factors that support occupational performance. Person factors: psychological / Catana Brown and Virginia C. Stoffel -- Person factors: cognition / Adina Maeir and Shlomit Rotenberg-Shpigelman -- Person factors: sensory / Leeanne M. Carey -- Person factors: motor / Lisa L. Dutton -- Person factors: physiological / Sandra L. Rogers -- Person factors: meaning, sensemaking, and spirituality / Aaron M. Eakman -- Section IV: Environment factors that support occupational performance. Environment factors: culture / ReneĢ Padilla -- Environment factors: social determinants of health, social capital, and social support / Julie D. Bass, Carolyn M. Baum, Charles H. Christiansen, and Kathryn Haugen -- Environment factors: physical and natural environment / Susan Stark, Jon Sanford, and Marian Keglovits -- Environment factors: health, education, social, and public policies / Diane L. Smith and Stan A. Hudson -- Environment factors: technology / Jan Miller Polgar -- Section V: Interventions: principles and emerging approaches. Principles supporting intervention and professionalism / John D. Fleming and Penelope A. Moyers Cleveland -- A person-centered strategy: using learning strategies to enable performance, participation, and well-being / Timothy J. Wolf and Naomi Josman -- An organization-centered strategy: self-management, an evolving approach to support performance, participation, and well-being / Joy Hammel, Marcia Finlayson, and Danbi Lee -- Educational and digital technology strategies / Anita L. Hamilton and Alec I. Hamilton -- A population-centered strategy: public and community health / Gretchen V.M. Stone -- Section VI: Foundational knowledge and resources. Enabling successful practice through application of business fundamentals / Patricia Nellis -- Key occupational therapy concepts in the person-occupation-environment-performance model: their origin and historical use in the occupational therapy literature / Kathlyn L. Reed.

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