Drawing and painting hands & feet /

Drawing and painting hands & feet /
Fairley, Robert E.
New York : 2000.
Structure and anatomy : Skeleton of the arm and hand ; Skeleton of the leg and foot ; Muscles of the forearm ; Muscles of the hand ; The hand: holding, gripping, catching ; Comparative proportions of hands and feet ; Muscles of the lower leg ; Muscles of the foot -- Drawing exercises : Drawing your drawing hand holding the pencil: scribble-drawing ; Drawing your non-drawing hand: developing scribble drawing to a full study ; Drawing your non-drawing hand pointing and with clenched fist: pen and ink studies ; Drawing adults' hands: brush drawing ; Drawing a baby's hand: silverpoint ; Drawing children's hands: watercolour sketches ; Drawing your own hand in oblique light: charcoal and enlarging the scale ; Hands: the ultimate exercise: distortion and perspective ; Drawing your own feet: wash drawings with coffee and watercolor ; Drawing your own foot resting on your knee: thinking with a ball-point pen ; Drawing your own feet when standing: working in reverse with charcoal ; Walking: capturing movement with wash and line ; Walking: capturing movement with wash and line in more detail ; Drawing a baby's feet: silverpoint -- Drawing a child's foot: line and wash drawings ; Drawing an adult's feet: pen and ink ; Drawing feet on tiptoe: working at speed -- Progressing to painting : 1. Louisa practising her finger exercises ; 2. Jackie in Room 13 ; 3. Parbati ; 4. Angela and Liam ; 5. Pilgrim at Varanasi ; 6. Father, child and emu ; 7. Rickshaw driver, Dacca ; 8. Tibetan trader counting money.

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