Sacred waters : arts for Mami Wata and other divinities in Africa and the diaspora /

Sacred waters : arts for Mami Wata and other divinities in Africa and the diaspora /
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Note on Terminology and Orthography -- Introduction: Charting the Voyage / Henry John Drewal -- Mami Wata and the Sierra Leone Diamonds: Wealth and Enslavement in Men's Dreams and the State Economy / Rosalind Shaw -- Enchanted Rivers: True Stories about Water Spirits from the Niger Delta / Martha G. Anderson -- Burumo Painting: Reflections of the Waterspirit World upon the Body of a Waterspirit-Carrying-Woman / Judith Gleason -- Water Spirits in Water-less Places: The Case of Madame Sabot / Adeline Masquelier -- Mami Wata, Mr. White, and the Sirens off Bar Beach: Spirits and Dangerous Consumption in the Nigerian Popular Press / Misty L. Bastian -- A Memoir of Mami Wata in Azumini / Henrietta Cosentino -- Tale of the Achikobo: It's the Tail That Is Mine / Jean M. Borgatti -- Mami Wata, Wealth-Owning Spirits, and Changing Economic Morals in West Africa / Barbara Frank --Congolese Mami Wata: The Charm and Delusion of Modernity / Bogumil Jewsiewicki ; translated from the French by Peter Vakunta and Ahmadou Fofana -- Tafisula or The Mami Wata: A Mwondo Théâtre Production / Jill Mac Dougall -- A Fish Out of Water: The Inland Migration of the Dona Fish to the Luapula Plateau, Zambia / Ruth Kerkham Simbao -- Abidjan Mamiwater and Aba Yaba: Two Profiles of Mami/Maame Water Priesthood in Ghana / Kofi Asare Opoku and Kathleen O'Brien Wicker -- A Tribute to Mami Wata Vodun Supreme Chief Daagbo Hounon Houna / Sharon Caulder-Hounon -- The Laughing Vodou Goddess: A Photo-Essay / Henning Christoph -- Mami Wata: The Goddess of Water and Beauty Lives / Paul Akakpo -- The Mami-Wata Phenomenon: "Old Wine in New Skin" / Osa D. Egonwa -- Mami Wata, Water Spirits, and Returners in and near the Igbo Culture Area / Elizabeth Isichei -- Dada-Dreadlock-Hair: The Hidden Messages of Mammy Water in Southeastern Nigeria / Sabine Jell-Bahlsen -- Mermaids and Mami Wata on Brassware from Old Calabar / Jeremy Coote and Jill Salmons -- The Ejagham Interpretation of a Sculpture of Mami Wata / Ute M. Röschenthaler -- Mami Watas, Miengu, and Mermaids: Water Spirits of Coastal Cameroon / Rosalinde G. Wilcox -- Water Spirits and Mermaids: The Copperbelt Chitapo / Brian Siegel -- Mummy Wata Goes South: An Interview with a Zulu Devotee / contextualized and edited by K. Limakatso Kendall -- "Oh hurry to the river!" uMamlambo Models in the Eastern Cape, South Africa / Seán Morrow and Nwabisa Vokwana -- Mami Wata: The Slippery Mermaid Phenomenon / Dunja Hersak -- Mammy Wata, Inc. / Joseph Nevadomsky -- Mami Wata: An Urban Presence or the Making of a Tradition in Benin City, Nigeria / Charles Gore -- Mami Water as a Christian Demon: The Eroticism of Forbidden Pleasures in Southern Ghana / Birgit Meyer -- Mami Wata: A Vanishing Art in Port Harcourt, Nigeria / Nnamdi Elleh -- Mermaids and End-Time Jezebels: New Tales from Old Calabar / Rosalind I.J. Hackett -- The Intersection of Evangelism, AIDS, and Mami Wata in Popular Music in Centrafrique / Michelle Kisliuk -- The Role of Mammy Wata as an Agent for the Promotion of Ogoni National Identity / Jill Salmons -- Of Micro-hydros and Mami Wata: Rural Development Meets Mythological Reality / Richard B. Peterson -- The Bride of the Rain in North Africa / Cynthia Becker -- Death of the Mermaid and Political Intrigue in the Indian Ocean / Eileen Moyer -- Somewhere under Dan's Rainbow: Joseph Kossivi Ahiator's "India Spirits" in His Mami Wata Pantheon / Dana Rush -- Inbetweeners: Mamiwata and the Hybridity of Contemporary African Art / Moyo Okediji -- Jack Akpan's Mammy-Water / Chika Okeke-Agulu -- The Creation and Consecration of a Mami Wata Sculpture / Henning Christoph -- Communicating with the Gods: An Altar Dedication to Mami Wata / Philipp Schiemann ; translated from the German by Sietske Arabella Brown -- The Ever-Changing Face of Watramama in Suriname: A Water Goddess in Creolization since the Seventeenth Century / Alex van Stipriaan -- Saramaka Sea Gods / Richard Price -- Arts for the Water Spirits of Haitian Vodou / Marilyn Houlberg -- Sodo, Haiti, 1997-2001: The Pilgrimage to Healing Waters -- A Photo-Essay / Phyllis Galembo -- Misterios: The Making of a Documentary as a Way of Exploring One's Own Faith / Giovanni Savino -- Mami Wata -- "It's in the Blood": A Personal Journal of Ancestral Resurrection in the Aftermath of Slavery / Mamaissii Vivian Hunter-Hindrew, Mama Zogbé, Hounon-Amengansie.

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