Asian art /

Asian art /
Neave, Dorinda, 1958-
Emerson College, MassArt
Chapter 1. The Rise of Cities and Birth of the Great Religions: Early Indian Art : The Harappan Civilization ; The Vedic Period And The Origins Of Hinduism ; Buddhism And Buddhist Art ; Jainism And The Depiction Of The Divine ; Other Traditions Of Sculpture -- Chapter 2. Religious Art in the Age of Royal Patronage: The Medieval Period : The Ritual And Artistic Developments Of Hinduism ; Early Hindu Temples ; The Convergence Of Jain, Buddhist, And Hindu Traditions ; Buddhism In Sri Lanka ; Later Developments In Temple Architecture ; Medieval Paintings And Manuscripts ; South Asian Textiles And The International Trade Market -- Chapter 3. India Opens to the World: The Early Modern Period : The Arrival Of Persian Court Culture And The Spread Of Islam ; The Delhi Sultanates And Their Contemporaries ; The Deccan Sultanates, Vijayanagara, And Southern India ; The Mughal Empire ; Europeans And European Art In India ; Art And Architecture Of The Rajput Courts ; Painting From The Pahari Courts ; Visual Traditions Of The Sikh Religion -- Chapter 4. India and the International Scene: The Modern and Contemporary Periods : A Mixture Of Traditions: European And Indian Art In The Eighteenth And Nineteenth Centuries ; The Architecture Of Empire ; Visions Of The Modern In The Early Twentieth Century ; Independent South Asia ; Contemporary Art: Globalization, Diaspora, Heritage -- Chapter 5. At the Crossroads: The Arts of Southeast Asia : Prehistory ; Trade ; Indigenous Art ; The Arrival Of Indic Religions ; The Great Flowering ; Rise Of Islam ; Ayutthaya ; Burma ; Modern Times -- Chapter 6. Ritual and Elite Arts: The Neolithic Period to the First Empires : Neolithic Artifacts ; Ancestor Worship ; Zhou Dynasty Ritual And Political Arts ; The Tomb Of The First Emperor Of The Qin Dynasty ; Han Dynasty Funerary Arts, Daoism, And Confucianism -- Chapter 7. Looking Outward: The Six Dynasties and Sui and Tang Dynasties : Six Dynasties Pictorial Arts ; Six Dynasties Buddhist Cave Sites ; Six Dynasties And Tang Calligraphy ; Sui And Tang Imperial City Planning And Tombs ; Sui And Tang Dynasty Handscroll Paintings ; Tang Buddhist Art And Architecture ; Decorative Arts For The Tang Elite -- Chapter 8. Art, Conquest, and Identity: The Five Dynasties Period and Song and Yuan Dynasties : Southern Tang Court Painting ; Southern Tang And Northern Song Landscape Painters ; Northern Song Courtly Arts ; Song Literati Painting And Calligraphy ; Southern Song Court Painting, Calligraphy, And Patronage ; Southern Song And Yuan Religious Art And Architecture ; Yuan Court Painting ; Yuan Literati Painting -- Chapter 9. The City and the Market in Chinese Art: The Ming and Qing Dynasties : Ming And Qing Politics And Architecture ; Ming And Qing Ceramics ; Ming Professional Painters ; Ming Literati Painters ; Ming And Qing Female Painters ; Qing Court Painters ; Qing Individualist And Eccentric Painters -- Chapter 10. The Push for Modernization: 1912 to the Present : Republican-Era Pictorial Arts, 1912-1949 ; Communist-Era Political Arts, 1949-1976 ; Post-Cultural Revolution Painting, 1976 To The Present ; Painters Working Outside Mainland China ; Installations, Performances, And New Media, 1980s To The Present -- Chapter 11. An Unknown Land, A People Divided: Korean Art from Prehistory to Present : Neolithic And Bronze Age ; Three Kingdoms Period ; Buddhism And Korea ; Queen Seondeok ; Unified Silla Kingdom ; Goryeo Dynasty ; Joseon Dynasty ; Colonization And War ; Art In North Korea ; Art In South Korea -- Chapter 12. The Way of the Gods and the Path of the Buddha: Japanese Art from Prehistory to the Asuka Period : Shamanism And The Development Of Shinto ; Jomon Period ; Yayoi Period ; Kofun Period ; The Sun Goddess Amaterasu And The Shinto Shrine At Ise ; Early Buddhist Art -- Chapter 13. External Influences and Internal Explorations: The Nara and Heian Periods : Nara Period ; Heian Period -- Chapter 14. Strife and Serenity: Kamakura, Muromachi, and Momoyama Periods : Kamakura Period ; Muromachi (Ashikaga) Period ; Momoyama Period -- Chapter 15. From Isolation to Internationalism: Edo Period to the Present : Closed Doors: Edo Period ; Meiji Period ; Showa Period ; From 1989 To The Present.

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