Perform, repeat, record : live art in history /

Perform, repeat, record : live art in history /
Bristol ; Chicago : 2012.
MassArt, Emmanuel College, Wentworth Institute of Technology
The now and the has been : paradoxes of live art in history / Amelia Jones -- Then again / Adrian Heathfield -- The performativity of performance documentation / Philip Auslander -- Dead mannequin walking : Fluxus and the politics of reception / Hannah B. Higgins -- The viral ontology of performance / Christopher Bedford -- Can photographs make it so? : repeated outbreaks of Valie Export's Genital panic since 1969 / Mechtild Widrich -- Macular degeneration : some peculiar aspects of performance art documentation / Mónica Mayer -- History and precariousness : in search of a performative historiography / Eleanora Fabião -- Performance remains / Rebecca Schneider -- Not as before, but simply : again / André Lepecki -- The prosthetic present tense : documenting Chinese time-based art / Meiling Cheng -- Progressive striptease / Sven Lütticken -- Repetition : a skin which unravels / Jane Blocker -- Art in the age of biopolitics : from artwork to art documentation / Boris Groys -- The interstices of history / Angela Harutyunyan ... [et al.] -- An unofficial timeline of socialist and post-socialist performance / Angela Harutyunyan ... [et al.] -- A text on 20 years with 66 footnotes / Tim Etchells -- Faith Wilding, waiting and wait-with -- Lynn Hershman and/as Roberta Breitmore -- We are formatted memories / Orlan -- Franko B and Kamal Ackarie, don't leave me this way -- Make me stop smoking / Rabih Mroué -- The personal evolution of the performance object (or, what to do with leftovers) / Nao Bustamante -- Cai Yuan and J.J. Xi, mad for real -- Hayley Newman, miniflux -- Daniel Joseph Martinez, call me Ishmael or the fully enlightened earth radiates disaster triumphant -- Multiple journeys : a performance chronology / Guillermo Gómez-Peña -- Attending to Anthony McCall's long film for ambient light / Lucas Ihlein -- ReCut project / Ming-Yuen S. Ma -- Assuming a migrant woman's identity / Tanja Ostojić -- Barbara Smith, intimations of immortality -- Santiago Serra and the "contexts" of history -- Reconstruction2 / Janez Janša -- Documents of Chinese time-based art : three impressions from three fragments / Meiling Cheng -- Both sitting duet and cheap lecture / Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion -- Aftermath : the performance/installation nexus / Blair French -- Timeline of ideas : live art in (art) history, a primarily European-US-based trajectory of debates and exhibitions relating to performance documentation and re-enactments / Amelia Jones -- Interior squirrel and the vicissitudes of history / Carolee Schneemann and Amelia Jones -- I just go in life / Tehching Hsieh and Adrian Heathfield -- The maybe : modes of performance and the "live" / Tilda Swinton and Joanna Scanlan -- Photography as a performative act / Shezad Dawood and Amelia Jones -- Do it again, do it again (turn around, go back) / Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, with Andrew Renton -- Touching remains / Janine Antoni and Adrian Heathfield -- Perverse martyrologies / Ron Athey and Dominic Johnson -- The live artist as archaeologist / Marina Abramović and Amelia Jones -- Every house has a door / Lin Hixson and Matthew Goulish -- Alliterations / Mathilde Monnier and Jean-Luc Nancy -- Intangibles / Hugo Glendinning, Adrian Heathfield, and Tim Etchells.

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