Alive character design : for game, animation and film /

Alive character design : for game, animation and film /
Su, Haitao
Harrow, England : 2011.
Lesley Moriarty, MassArt
Part I. What is character design? : What is character design? -- What does a character designer do? -- Some history you should know -- The overriding principle in character design -- Categories of character design -- Part II. Basic principles and procedures of character design : Get yourself prepared -- Basic processes in character design -- Ten key tips for character design -- Part III. How to approach different categories of characters : Female character design: creating distinctive sexuality and beauty -- Male character design: highlighting the character's heroism -- Q-style: character design: a reminder of our joyous childhood -- Monster character design: what's common among these weird beings -- Animal character design: outstanding animal characters should be real in the first place -- Supportive role design: make them stupid and ridiculous -- Bad guys: how to make them evilly charming -- Inaminate character design: creative vs. recognizable -- Mechanical character design: give the icy metal unique personalities -- Appendix : Gallery -- Interview [with Haitao Su by Vincent Zhao]

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